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Chizuru Ichinose ( ? ?? ? ? ? ???, Ichinose Chizuru ? ), alternatively also known as Chizuru Mizuhara ( ? ?? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? , Mizuhara Chizuru ? ) in her «local rental girlfriend» persona, is the fundamental feminine protagonist of one’s Kanojo, Okarishimasu show.

She is an university student within Nerima University, majoring when you look at the Literary works. Once the local rental girlfriend, she’s associated with Diamond, which means an associate away from Ruka Sarashina and you can Sumi Sakurasawa. She previously life from the Place 204 out of Royal Mountains Nerima, simply close to Kazuya Kinoshita, before moving to their own household when the home folded.


Chizuru has actually waist-length chestnut-brownish tresses, with a noteworthy braid tied on a little ponytail hanging into the rear (although it can seem to be to be on the fresh remaining or right in the most common graphic) and you can light brown attention.

Chizuru is a gleaming and you will unique beauty you to transforms brains no matter where she goes. The woman is explained having a massive bosom, enough time thin ft, and you can nearly most readily useful proportions. She is sports possesses satisfaction within her exercise and look. At the same time, she’s got a close look having style, that is reportedly inherited out-of their unique mom Kasumi Ichinose.

When posing while the a diligent scholar, she wears cups, a good butterfly attachment and she activities double braided tresses. When you look at the stark compare so you can her facts out-of-university, she attire inside an enthusiastic unassuming fashion one to covers their own enjoys, leaving her unobtrusive to people who do maybe not understand their unique real identity. It is afterwards revealed that she has attention problems and you will she spends a pair of lenses whenever this woman is perhaps not dating their own relatives.


Initially, Chizuru results in as the most kind and you can careful, hence absolutely shocks anyone who considers leasing, and you may makes them bring high studies to her. When you’re their unique generosity try legitimate, she actually is nonetheless prideful regarding their own reputation, and can feel a small moody and you may brash when their particular product reviews go down. She shows it side of her to the people she hates otherwise should put up with, like Kazuya Kinoshita.

Chizuru was discussed to get a keen ‘iron lady,’ that encircled herself which have a difficult wall surface that’s almost impenetrable. Even though she’s got household members before appointment Kazuya, and at first glance she easily comes across once the outbound and you can cheerful, she left her personal existence at a distance. This woman is hard to see and lots of some one misinterpret which once the their unique being cooler plus callous. Their protection system can be so good, even she doesn’t know her own thoughts.

Underneath the their particular pragmatic and top-notch ideas, although, Chizuru try a form-hearted person. She fades of their particular treatment for help Kazuya on higher chance of their particular profession. Their kindness is even seen when she becomes family members that have Sumi, and you may she assists their own is most useful at the their particular work. Regardless of if she’s prideful away from their own looks and you will industry, Mini Yaemori cards that while you are Chizuru was popular and very gorgeous, she’s not a practices seeker like most good-looking someone she knows https://lovingwomen.org/fr/blog/meilleur-pays-latin-pour-trouver-une-femme/.

Even if she’s half accountable for continuous the not the case relationships, she’s annoyed whenever Kazuya requires their getting represented because their girlfriend at the his benefits. Regardless if Kazuya provides several times made an effort to confess and you may stop their local rental matchmaking, affairs involving the grandmothers – along with Chizuru’s caring nature – have them connected with each other.

During their junior high school age, Chizuru is actually a beneficial crybaby, a little apathetic and slightly rambunctious, have a tendency to fighting with boys whom bullied their particular in order to have zero parents. However, after watching films featuring their unique grandmother, along with reassurance from their grandfather, she attained the building blocks to pursue pretending.

Predicated on Chizuru’s granny, Sayuri Ichinose, she was previously a great ‘clingy crybaby’, something that she’s got overcome over the years. Still, there clearly was a chance one to she just covers they together with her perfect act around someone else. Whenever Sayuri try seemingly next to her avoid, Chizuru suggests a lot more of their particular weakened front side, and you can she refuses to take on a ‘sad truth’ once Kazuya had made a decision to give up on staying the fresh sit as he considered accountable to store lying to help you a demise people. New upheaval of unfortunate facts are of just how sad she try while in the their soul so you’re able to chase on her fantasy and you can waiting their grandpa observe her ahead of his death on collision.


  • The name Chizuru is created in hiragana (??), without any unique definition. Yet not, when written in kanji (??), it could possibly suggest «thousand» (?, chi? ) and you will «crane, stork» (?, tsuru/zuru? ).
  • A historical Japanese legend claims when somebody collapsed that thousand origami cranes, they are granted a desire to by gods, including data recovery out of a disease, which is almost certainly a reference to Sayuri Ichinose’s infection.
  • It is quite revealed that their naming are designed from the their unique parents as they prayed you to she would have a good end.


  • Title Chizuru means «thousand» (?, chi? ) and you may «crane, stork» (?, tsuru/zuru? ) [cards 2] .
  • Chizuru’s surname Mizuhara means «water» (?, mizu? ) and you will «profession, plain» (?, hara? ).


  • Chizuru’s favourite color are red-colored.
  • Chizuru spends Mizuhara because their unique alias surname to quit risks of getting acknowledged.
  • Chizuru has actually a huge cabinet and you may states she never wears this new ditto for various times.
  • Chizuru apparently provides a great vocal sound.