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Chizuru Ichinose ( ? ?? ? ? ? ???, Ichinose Chizuru ? ), rather known as Chizuru Mizuhara ( ? ?? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? , Mizuhara Chizuru ? ) in her own «local rental girlfriend» persona, is the main feminine protagonist of your own Kanojo, Okarishimasu show.

She’s a college student from the Nerima University, majoring when you look at the Literary works. As the local rental girlfriend, she is associated with Diamond, which means a colleague out of Ruka Sarashina and you will Sumi Sakurasawa. She formerly everyday lives on Area 204 of Royal Slopes Nerima, only close to Kazuya Kinoshita, prior to swinging back to their unique household when the quarters folded.


Chizuru has hips-duration chestnut-brown tresses, which have a distinguished braid fastened for the a little ponytail dangling toward the back (though it can seem to go on the new leftover otherwise best in most visual) and you can white brown attention.

Chizuru are a glowing and unique beauty you to turns brains wherever she happens. This woman is demonstrated getting a big bosom, long lean feet, and you can nearly most useful proportions. She is sports and also pride in her fitness and appear. In addition, she’s got an eye for fashion, that is apparently inherited off their mother Kasumi Ichinose.

When posing because a diligent college student, she wears glasses, a butterfly attachment and you may she football twice braided tresses. Within the stark examine so you’re able to their unique factors off-campus, she dresses when you look at the a keen unassuming fashion that hides her has actually, leaving her unobtrusive to the people that do not know their unique real term. It is later showed that she does have sight troubles and she uses a set of contacts when she’s not going out with their family unit members.


At first glance, Chizuru comes across because the really kind and you can considerate, and that undoubtedly surprises whoever considers leasing, and you can means they are bring large evaluations to help you their unique. If you’re their kindness is actually legitimate, the woman is still prideful off their particular character, and will getting a tiny cranky and brash whenever their studies go down. She suggests this edge of their own to people she hates or should endure, including Kazuya Kinoshita.

Chizuru try discussed become an enthusiastic ‘iron lady,’ having surrounded by herself having an emotional wall surface which is almost impenetrable. Regardless of if she’s got family in advance of appointment Kazuya, and at first glance she easily results in since outgoing and you can cheerful, she remaining their private lives at a distance. This woman is difficult to see and several anybody misinterpret that it because their unique are cooler and even callous. Their own defense device is really so good, also she fails to understand her very own ideas.

The underside all the their unique practical and you can elite group ideas, no matter if, Chizuru is actually a type-hearted individual. She is out from her solution to let Kazuya during the great risk of their community. Their particular generosity is even seen when she gets loved ones having Sumi, and she facilitate their particular are ideal at the their unique employment. Regardless if this woman is prideful regarding their looks and you will community, Micro Yaemori cards you to while you are Chizuru is actually popular and extremely stunning, she’s perhaps not a practices hunter like any good looking someone she knows.

Regardless if she actually is half accountable for carried on its untrue relationships, she actually is annoyed whenever Kazuya requires their getting depicted as their girlfriend in the their benefits. Even if Kazuya possess several times made an effort to admit and you can prevent their leasing relationship, facts associated with their grandmas – along with Chizuru’s compassionate nature – have them connected with both.

Through the their particular junior high-school years, Chizuru try an effective crybaby, a little apathetic and a little rambunctious, often assaulting that have boys exactly who bullied their for having zero moms and dads. Yet not, once viewing movies starring their grandma, including support off their own grandfather, she attained the building blocks to pursue pretending.

Based on Chizuru’s grandmother, Sayuri Ichinose, she was once an effective ‘clingy crybaby’, something that she’s defeat typically. Nevertheless, there is a go you to definitely she merely hides it together with her primary facade around other people. When Sayuri try seemingly alongside her end, Chizuru suggests more of her weakened top, and you may she does not want to accept a beneficial ‘sad truth’ once Kazuya had made a decision to give up on staying the brand new lay when he experienced bad to save lying to a dying person. This new stress of unfortunate truth is of just how sad she is during their own soul so you’re able to chase on her behalf dream and you will wishing their particular grandpa observe their own in advance of his death about crash.


  • Title Chizuru is created into the hiragana (??), with no unique definition. Yet not, when written in kanji (??), it may possibly indicate «thousand» (?, chi? ) and you may «crane, stork» (?, tsuru/zuru? ).
  • An old Japanese legend says that if some one folded one thousand origami cranes, they’ll certainly be supplied a desire to by gods, for example recuperation regarding a condition, which is probably a reference to Sayuri Ichinose’s disease.
  • It is quite revealed that their naming is actually suggested of the their particular parents because they prayed one to she would cГ©libataire sexy lituanienne have a great conclusion.


  • Title Chizuru setting «thousand» (?, chi? ) and you can «crane, stork» (?, tsuru/zuru? ) [notes dos] .
  • Chizuru’s surname Mizuhara form «water» (?, mizu? ) and you may «career, plain» (?, hara? ).


  • Chizuru’s favorite colour is actually yellow.
  • Chizuru spends Mizuhara since the their particular alias surname to stop risks of bringing recognized.
  • Chizuru has an enormous wardrobe and you can states she never wears this new same thing for various times.
  • Chizuru seem to have a good singing voice.